West Yorkshire Joint Services

When West Yorkshire Joint Services wanted to find out the level of unwanted ‘Cold Calling’ and ‘Doorstep Selling’ within the West Yorkshire area they asked DBS Marketing to organise a door to door distribution for them.

The Brief

They wanted a questionnaire to be delivered to a sample of households within 13 Local Authorities, the budget was for 20,000 questionnaires.


DBS Marketing suggested that rather than distributing the questionnaires by the traditional method to full postcode sectors, individual streets would be identified across the region and the item delivered, sealed in an envelope, by the Royal Mail.  Whilst no response can ever be guaranteed, DBS Marketing and West Yorkshire Joint Services hoped for a return response of 1-2%.  Within a very short time the levels of response had far exceeded these expectations and at the last count over 2,000 replies have been received, a level of over 11%.  This was clearly an issue that a lot of people cared about and then responded to the message sent to them accordingly.


No guarantees can ever be made about levels of response, however, this shows that a good message distributed with thought to carefully selected areas can generate exceptional levels of response.