Leaflet Distribution

Leaflet Distribution

The most effective form of direct advertising, leaflet distribution is a powerful marketing tool offering a range of distribution types to suit your budget and requirements.

Distribution is our speciality, this may be with our field teams or with the local free newspaper, either way we ensure your message gets through the door.

Door to Door

Door to Door is our standard service, providing an effective way of getting your brand message through the letterbox to your prospective customers at a cost that works for you!

Strictly Solus

Our Strictly Solus service is your leaflet delivered through the letterbox as a single item, on its own with no other advertising material.

This is a premium service, a bespoke quotation will be provided on application based on your individual requirements and chosen areas of distribution.


Dependant on availability, your leaflet will be delivered alongside around 3-4 other non-competing leaflets for an affordable method of advertising. 

Shared delivery is a cost effective and very reliable method of door drop. Validation can be provided upon completion. 

Available in selected areas. 

Hand to Hand

Use our Hand to Hand promotional staff to create optimum exposure for your brand with direct delivery of your product samples or leaflets with a face to face distribution…ideal at exhibitions, outside major events and other targeted high footfall locations.

Product sampling allows your potential customers to sample your products without the cost of a purchase!

All fully operational within council legislation requirements – give us a call to discuss how we can help you with your advertising campaign!


A Certificate of Distribution will be issued to confirm completion of your distribution.  Upon request, we can also provide at least one method of validation, our validation methods are as follows:

 GPS Tracking (where available)

 Telephone back checking – this must be pre-arranged with your DBS Marketing sales person

 Distribution checklists, a quantity of five checks per thousand households delivered to will be obtained

 Highlighted maps

Photographic evidence

Re-call by visual prompt

All forms of validation must be pre-arranged with your dbs contact to ensure we are providing your preferred form of validation.