Direct Mail

Direct Mail

The most effective form of direct advertising, leaflet distribution is a powerful marketing tool offering a range of distribution types to suit your budget and requirements.

One Piece Mailer

This is your leaflet or postcard delivered directly through the door of your recipient with the address printed directly on to your leaflet. One-piece mailers allow the visual of your piece of mail to be seen as soon as it lands on the doormat without the need for an envelope or poly.

Envelope Enclosure

With a variety of envelope options and with the opportunity to include artwork or a logo directly on to the envelope, this is our most popular enclosing option. Full colour artwork can be printed on both the front and reverse of your envelope with a personalised strapline offered on every project.

Poly Enclosure

Our poly option is perfect for your brochure or magazine, poly allows the recipient to see your product before opening it fully. With it’s waterproof coating, poly ensures your mailer stays fully dry should the postie be caught in a downpour whilst delivering! Included within your poly quotation, will be an address carrier which will include all your personalised address information and your required artwork if necessary.


Using our preferential business rates we can offer several methods to suit your time frame and budget. Bulk mailings could secure additional discounts.

A Guide To Direct Mail

At dbs MARKETING we offer a tailored print service solution with a range of high-quality print finishes to suit your individual specification. We can then offer varied solutions to enclosing your mailing material or we can print the personalisation straight onto your leaflet. Using our preferential business rates we canoffer several methods of postage to suit your time frame and budget.

Here are just a few of our direct mail clients

Top tips when designing your mailer

  1. The envelope is your first impression to the householder, think about if you would like a strapline, logo or picture or try using alternative fonts for the address or even a coloured envelope.
  2. Alternatively aone piece mailer where the address is included on the flyer itself is a great way of showcasing your mailer from the moment it lands.
  3. Use exciting language, bold colours and graphics. The recipient may only scan your mailer so ensure what they see on this scan is appealing enough to remember and take action.
  4. Offers! Offers! Offers! include a voucher, offer or incentive that will appeal to the recipient.
  5. Include something within your mail, such as branded marchendise or a small magazine. A mail item like this will intrigue the householder as they will want to know what is inside!