DBS Marketing provides Nationwide leaflet distribution and sample delivery

Case Studies

West Yorkshire Joint Services Survey about Cold CallingWest Yorkshire Joint Services

11% response to campaign

When West Yorkshire Joint Services wanted to find out the level of unwanted ‘Cold Calling’ and ‘Doorstep Selling’ within the West Yorkshire area they asked DBS Marketing to organise a door to door distribution for them. They wanted a questionnaire delivered to a sample of households within 13 Local Authorities, the budget was for 20,000 questionnaires.

DBS Marketing suggested that rather than distributing the questionnaires by the traditional method in to full postcode sectors, individual streets would be identified across the region and the item delivered, sealed in an envelope, by Royal Mail. Whilst no response can ever be guaranteed, DBS Marketing and West Yorkshire Joint Services hoped for a return response of 1% - 2%. Within a very short time the levels of response had far exceeded these expectations and at the last count over 2,000 replies has been received a level of over 11%. This was clearly an issue that a lot of people cared about and the responded to the message sent to them accordingly.

No guarantees can ever be made about levels of response but this shows that a good message distributed with thought into carefully selected areas can generate exceptional levels of response.

Carillion Highways MaintenanceCarillion

Sector: Highways Maintenance
Distribution Method: Mailing

The Brief

Carillion plc is one of the UK's leading support services and construction companies and work in partnership with the Highways Agency and Local Authorities. The team at DBS Marketing was asked to ensure all local residents around the A684 North Yorkshire received a letter informing residents of the road closure due to disruption and noise from a construction site.

The Solution

An initial meeting was set up with the client and the DBS Planning Team to clearly plan and advise various methods of distribution. We were able to provide Carillion with residential addresses for mailing and also print.

The Results

Carillion were able to monitor the level of response as a result of the mailing by receiving numerous calls from residents regarding the closure, since the mailing Carillion have continued to regularly use our print and distribution services.

Cosmo Restaurant Distribution of Leaflets and Business CardsCosmo Restaurants - Swansea

Have taken advantage of DBS Marketing Services by using our printing and distribution services! By printing flyers, A5 portrait menus both with and without offers, business cards and A4 placemats.

They also had over 76,000 leaflets distributed in the SA postcodes via Solus distribution. As well as over 47,000 leaflets delivered by Newshare!!

We have also delivered over a million menus, placemats and business cards for other Cosmo restaurants within the Pan Asian restaurant groups such as Wolverhampton and Croydon.

Broadview Energy Ltd. 

Sector: Renewable Energy
Distribution Method: Mailing - July 2010

The Brief

Broadview Energy Ltd is a small independent developer of onshore wind farms in the UK. The team at DBS Marketing was asked to ensure all local residents in the villages of Helmdon, Greatworth and Sulgrave received a newsletter; feedback form and an invitation for an exhibition to showcase their plans for the proposed Spring Farm Ridge Windfarm.

The Solution

An initial review was undertaken by the DBS Planning Team who were able to map and advice for various methods of distribution. We were able to provide Broadview Energy with residential addresses for mailing to villages and also cover with Solus distribution to main conurbation areas. DBS Marketing also provided the print as well of the newsletter.

The Results

As a result of the mailing, both consolations had over 200 residents attend. Since the consolations its self Broadview have been able to gain further understanding of local residents and their views, and shall be presenting a plan to the South Northamptonshire Council subject to approval in September 2010. Broadview Energy has continued to repeatedly use our print and distribution services as a result of this initial project.